About Reimer & Co. Architectural Blacksmiths

For centuries, the blacksmith has been a master of utilitarian sculpture. Kings have called on blacksmiths to build gates and railings and furniture that have outlasted their royal selves by centuries. Today, the craft of the artist-blacksmith remains entrenched in that respected tradition: to create lasting beauty from Iron. When it gets red-hot, iron takes on a malleable quality that, with the right tools and experience, can be formed into a limitless variety of shapes and forms. If you can dream it, it can be made. Once it cools, you can rest assured that it will remain intact for generations.

Collectively, the staff at Reimer & Co. Architectural Blacksmiths have nearly 50 years of experience forging steel into art. Founder, Paul Reimer, began his career as an artist-blacksmith at the ripe-old age of 15 when he apprenticed under master blacksmith John Smith of the Kootenay Forge. When he turned 19, fresh out of high school and already well-worn in the art, he set out on his own, taking over the blacksmith operations at Fort Steele, BC. After building the blacksmith shop there from 1 person to 7, he once again set out on his own and there was born Reimer & Co. Architectural Blacksmiths.

In the now 10 years since founding the company, Paul and his expert staff of tradesmen have created a significant Curriculum Vitae that boasts clients all over Canada and North America. Their design-focused approach has brought to life fireplace screens for private citizens, art for public buildings, and chandeliers for large ski developments.

Reimer & Co. brings a design-centered approach to architectural ironwork. From the first contact, you will be guided through a design+build process that focuses on building the right piece of art for your location. In consultation with you, Paul Reimer will discuss ideas and sketch out rough plans. From there the rough design is taken to the design staff who will draw up a rendering. Once the design is finalized, the Blacksmith team engineers the details, and sets to work on your custom-made piece of architectural artwork.

Whether your style is modern, rustic, classic, or imaginative, Reimer & Co. can create a lasting piece that is as unique as your home or development. Please don't hesitate to contact us to begin the process of forging your dreams into reality. Truly, Reimer & Co. Architectural Blacksmiths takes your project from bland to outstanding.